Pay over 4 equal cost-free instalments.

Enjoy your tour today and pay over 120 days. No interest.

No credit reports. No hidden fees. No extra cost. No calls. No amount blocked. No exorbitant late fines.

What are you waiting for? Explore today.

  • Easy sign up and instant approval

    Sign up takes few seconds by linking your payment method.

  • Pay over time. No interest, ever!

    Split your tour cost into four installments with only 25% down at the time of purchase.

  • No hidden fees

    We automate your payments and send friendly reminders so you’re always up to date.

How does this work?

Step 1

Select option in checkout to Pay Later

Pay just one part (25%) now and the rest over every 14 days or over up to 4 months in equal parts.
Step 2

Link a payment method

All you need is valid & active…

  • Email ID
  • Any debit or credit card
  • UAE or KSA mobile (+ 971 or + 966 code)
  • Iqama or Emirates ID number. Keep  this info ready when signing up…

Step 3

Ta-da! Its done.

Approval in seconds. No verification calls, no credit reports, no docs/photos to upload, no deposits. Once its approved successfully, your tour vouchers will be emailed swiftly!
Step 4

Schedule Auto-Pay!

So there are no surprises, or ‘I forgot’ and incurring late fines.  Each future payment will be collected automatically.

+/- Got questions? We got answers.

It is free to sign up. You must have the below:

  • Any UAE or KSA mobile
  • EID or National ID (Iqama) – all residents, expats & Nationals
  • Debit or credit card

Minimum order value is 250 AED and maximum of up to 4,000, subject to approvals. If its higher value, corporate or large group booking, please contact us. We can create custom package with higher limit where possible, and you can also pay via bank transfer, cheque or cash deposit with discounts.

Its automated, simple and takes just few seconds. No screening calls, no forms to fill up, no credit reports, no deposits. The algorithm checks few criteria such as:

  • Validity of your mobile number, card details, ID, location
  • Availability of funds on your credit or debit card
  • Total order value

All rejections and approvals is at the discretion of our payment partner as per their policies and terms.

We plan to roll this out in other countries this year. Else, you can pay via PayTab with any debit or credit card issued in other countries – just like any ecommerce store, but you won’t be able to use the instalment option.

Login to your account anytime, anywhere to view order history, status, and balances.

If its genuine issue (venue is closed, weather or ‘force majeure’) please contact us and we will make it right by refunds, or give credit note. If its ‘no show’ then no refunds are applicable.

Please contact our support team. Until its resolved, we will hold or pause further purchases until all the missed payments are cleared. We will send a reminder email before we collect the instalment, which gives you time to arrange funds or select an alternative payment method. In case, the automatic payment fails, we will notify via email and give 24 hours to add a valid payment method.

Our site is 100% SSL, encrypted and secure. Except the basic info for approval and processing your tour tickets, we do not store any sensitive information. We have comprehensive security audits, and maintain physical and digital safeguards.

EMIs work only with select credit cards and banks and need higher credit limits. Their tenure can be up to 6 to 36 months with very high interest (up to 3.99% per month) and hefty fines on missed or delayed payments. Sometimes the used amount gets blocked until its repaid. Unlike EMIs, we accept both debit and credit cards and a great simple, affordable alternative for small to mid-size purchases.

Select the repayment plan you prefer and pay in equal parts every two weeks (bi-weekly) or every month. You pay, your way.

First-time shoppers need to create an account (takes few seconds). Returning shoppers simply make their purchase.

After the purchase is complete, log in any time to see schedule or to make a payment before the due date. For ease, we will automatically process from your linked card based and send friendly reminders before any instalment is collected.

You can still use PayTabs option at checkout and pay via any credit card or debit card – but the BNPL service will not be available. If you do qualify, but ‘do not’ currently live in the UAE or KSA (traveling or based overseas) you can still use it or book for someone.

Of course! If the total amount at checkout does not exceed your specific spending limit, you can buy as many tours as you like.

You can select your preferred payment frequency plan only at the time of purchase, biweekly or monthly. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed later.

If you want a refund, please contact us. If its compliant with our policies we will process the refund to your original payment source in few business days. All approvals are on a case to case basis at the discretion of Zamboola

If you pay as scheduled, no late fees or fines – ever! However, if you miss an instalment, only AED 20 applies for each delayed payment, with a maximum of two late fees per order. The total late fee is capped at 25 % of the order value or AED 40, whichever is lower.

If you miss a payment or we suspect fraud, misuse or abuse of our services then we will disable any further purchases. To reactivate your account, you must clear the installments due and the nominal late fee charged before resuming. Remember, this service is free to use if the payments are made on time.

If you are facing hardship (example job loss) contact us. We will try to get you back on track to cover the missed payments.