We know the challenges of running a tour, setting it up, scaling, marketing, managing.

Let us help you grow your business.
We’ll drive our customers your way,  so you can focus better.
When customers have more choice and newer experiences, its good for them, good for you & for us!

Why Partner with Zamboola?

  • The region’s fastest growing tour experience operator
  • Our team will drive traffic and sales. No cost to you.
  • Unique payment model and services.
  • No upfront costs, no subscriptions. 100% Performance based.
  • Our tens and thousands of visitors each month are yours.
  • Unique, niche, exclusive, different tours are welcome.
  • Fast sale alerts. Monthly payouts.
  • All the marketing, technical stuff is taken care of by us.
  • Take care of your customers and we’ll do the rest!

Who can partner?

  • You must have a valid UAE tour operator license
  • In business for at least two years
  • Have at least five tours in your inventory
  • Preference for unique, different, niche or exclusive tours

None, zero cost! Simply fill the form, and we’ll get in touch.

Leave all that to us. Email us the sheet in simple format with basic tour info, photos and pricing we’ll upload, manage, optimize and run campaigns for you and share updates, reports and alert you as tours get booked.

We are transparent and don’t have crazy complex structures or upfront costs.
For every successful tour booking done via Zamboola.com, we take only 15% as our fees + 5% VAT which is mandatory + up to 5% for credit card/transaction processing, which you need to incur even if you sold directly.
So you get a whopping 75% of each order. Its performance basis. We only take it when you succeed.

We will process the tour order and hand it over to to you to do what you do best.
Price it competitively, set it as high or the same price as you already offer.

That’s fine! It gives the traveler more choice, more inventory, more options. You can differentiate your tour with better pricing, content (text, photos), promos, offers and with tour package name.

Yes you can sell it directly via your website, app as you do  – but not at a lower price than what we are offering on Zamboola for you. It can be same price or higher with any bundles.

Contact us.

Please fill the form and we’ll get in touch within 1 day to discuss how we can work together!